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The goal is to create a network of websites on the grass roots level. The structure is to have a National Page that links to 50 Independent State pages that share a common vision. The 50 State Coordinators will recruit people to organize a page for each of the 3,077 counties in the United States, each of the County Coordinators will organize on a local level and recruit if need be coordinators for townships or cities within their area.

Each webmaster is independent, and controls their own data and website but this allows us to network and coordinate our efforts from the bottom up. Websites that promote hate or violence will not be allowed to remain affiliated, this effort is to work towards a positive end and provide a response to attempts to subvert and destroy the Constitution and our rights as citizens.

images/libertybell.jpg If we are to face the threats against our liberties we need to be able to coordinate our efforts on a large scale. We have our National organizations that do a lot, and lobby on our behalf but it is our belief that we need to be more involved as individuals on a local level.

If this concept is to come to life and be a force in the fight that lays ahead of us it is going to take people getting involved in their local communities and working with other like minded people from across the country.

The NRA is often criticized as being a front man for the gun manufacturers, people don't always see that the members of these organizations are their friends and neighbors, they may see an NRA sticker on a truck, or someone wearing a cap but they really don't know and often don't care to know anything more than that.

It is easy to hate the shadowy NRA member when you can't put a face and a name to them, it is easy to objectify and demonize them when you are looking at a biased caricature such as what we see on the news every time there is a tragic event.

This fight cannot be won on the National scene, it must be won in the coffee shops and backyards of America. The bias needs to be confronted at the source, the prejudice against firearms owners needs to be faced in the communities we live in.

By volunteering to take on a State, County or Special Projects page we have an opportunity to organize and share information, to help create localized responces to events that take place where we live, we have the opportunity to put forth the true face of the American Firearm Owner that lives next door rather than allow the media to brand us in an unfair and biased manner.

Locally we have influence, in where we shop, what newspapers we may subscribe to, with our letters to the editor and our conversations with our friends and neighbors. We can each have influence in the communities we live in.

The government and politicians like Feinstein with her unconstitutional legislation wish to wage war against the owners of firearms, they wish to destroy the Second Amendment before they move on the the rest of our rights.

We believe it is vitally important that the people in the communities we live in realize that to wage war against firearms that they are waging war against their friends, family and neighbors.

There are things that can be done to help address the problem, and many of us feel that enforcing current laws, focusing on improving mental health services, creating a National database of individuals who are a danger to themselves and others are key to addressing the problem. whether putting metal detectors and a uniformed officer in every building is the answer or not it is obvious to the 80 million firearm owners that passing the legislation put forth on January 3rd 2013 does not address the problem, does not make us safer.

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