A new begining, a plan for the future

We have a dream

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Ephesians 6:12

Crossroads of Liberty has a dream †for America, and we want to share it with you, the people of the United States.

We have a dream, one that is rooted deeply in the history of the United States and its people. We dream that one day the citizens, the children, will grow up with a love of country, an honor and respect for those who built this land.

We dream of a nation where our children know and understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights as living documents, foundations of the path ahead for our nation… Freedoms that cannot be infringed by unscrupulous men.

We have a dream as Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, of equality for all. But that dream has now fallen into the hands of those whose hatred and greed †have turned God-fearing, Nation-loving Americans into perceived enemies. Racism has become a tyrannical watchword against all who dare to speak out.

We have a dream of a nation that walks together as one, not ďAfrican-American,” “Latino-American,” or “Asian-American.” Our national motto is “E Pluribus Unum,” Latin for “Out of many, one.” Different languages historically divide nations rather than unite them. †Out of the many different people in our nation, we dream of a time when we become one people, with one common purpose, one common language and one hope.

We dream of the day when wars are not frivolously expanded, that our families will not have to sacrifice their sons and daughters for the whims of the foolish. We dream of the day when we can bring all of our loved ones home from lands that do not appreciate our presence.

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