A new begining, a plan for the future

Welcome to Crossroads of Liberty

The focus of this website is to coordinate volunteers in all 50 states and in all of the 3,077 counties in the United States that wish to do their part in defending liberty.

The Project is initially focused on addressing issues related to defense of the Second Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms but will expand as time goes on to include all Liberty related issues and defense of the Cosntitution against those that would deem it to be archaic and seek its destruction.

Getting involved is easy. If you have webmaster skills and can develop a website you can take control of a County Page, if not we need people who can research, write, use photoshop to create graphics and memes. There are a lot of things that can be done and there is a place for everyone that wants to help.

If you don't have time then consider donation 1.00 (one dollar) to your County group, State page and to the National page to help offset the costs of operations. That is 3.00 total. All State and County websites control their own information, activities, websites and forums. They are independent and are connected to each other by links on their State page and the States to the National page.

Each chapter coordinates their own projects. There are no fees to be a member or to be involved. There are no dues, there is no registration forms. Independent local networks of like minded people working together for the common cause of defense of our rights with local comtrol over their local project.

We see the role of the national and even the State Pages as being faciltators of the project. Ideas can flow from the County up to National and ideas can flow down. Participation in projects is voluntary and in some areas there may be more than one County group addressing separate issues that they each see as important.

What is important though is the communication and the networking so that none of us is working in a vaccuum, none of us are alone.

We will not tolerate sites that promote hate or violence,and they will be delinked. If you want to help organize on a grassroots level and get involved in defending your rights then please consider taking part.

This is not a place to come and argue with anti gunners,or complain about liberals there are other places for that, think of this as a workgroup focused on the things that we can do as indiviudals within our respective communities to face down those that would infringe upon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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